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Promising Immunotherapy Approaches in AML - Harry Erba, MD, PhD: Sasha? Alexander E. Perl, MD: I think we spent many, many, many years arguing about things like how much daunorubicin we need to give to patients, and we’re not talking about that anymore because we’ve got better things to talk about.

Reflections on Java Command Line Options - There are many different types of command line options that programs need to recognize. Many languages (e.g.: bash and perl) has built-in processing of command line options; Java does not. The Java Command Line Options (JCLO) package performs this task for ...

Developers hate Perl - Software Developers really hate Perl followed by Delphi and VBA. That's according to those who volunteer their views through community coding site Stack Overflow. For developers who have chosen to provide testaments of loathing, Perl tops the list of ...